So who are we?

NAFUU MEDICARE EXEL SMC LTD “MEDICARE EXEL UGANDA” is a Ugandan registered company that deals in the supply and distribution of medical equipment and consumables.

MEDICARE EXEL UGANDA has been built to bring technology closer to Uganda and therefore our full focus is on providing Ugandan people with up-to-date advanced medical technology and supplies.

We deal in both REFURBISHED and NEW equipment and provide full after sales support and technical assistance that matches the requirements of our clients and strengthens the international brands we deal with.

We strive to take the time to ensure all of our new products are supported by knowledgeable personnel and that all refurbished medical equipment is thoroughly cleaned, tested, repaired, repainted and professionally packaged with all the necessary accessories needed for proper operation. We take pride in producing a quality product and will be there to support you through the life of your purchases.

Dealing in major well known reputable brands that are well recognized by international clients offers us the uniqueness of presenting Uganda with High quality products, state of the art technology, and local after sales technical support at affordable prices!.

We further provide service contracts to ensure our clients of continued functionality of their machines and reliability of their performance.

We provide specialist doctors from EGYPT

in any field you need


Marrakesh Medical Equipment is a Hong Kong registered company since 2015 specialized in import and export of medical equipment from USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Dubai

Marrakesh Medical Equipment is the mother company for 3 other companies :

  1. Medical Excel for Medical Equipment – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Medicare Exel Medical Limited – Nairobi, Kenya
  3. Nafuu Medicare Exel Limited – Kampala, Uganda

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