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DRAEGER Primus Anesthesia Machine

Technical Data

Gas flow control
Weight 115 kg (without vaporizers or cylinders)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 137 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm
Power 200 W, typical
Operating voltage 100-240 V~, 45-65 Hz
Integrated power backup at least 30 minutes, typical 90 minutes, depending on ventilation mode
Ventilator E-Vent® plus Electrically driven and electronically controlled
Operating Modes Manual, spontaneous, Volume Mode (IPPV), Pressure Mode (PCV),
Optional: Pressure Support (PS), Synchronized volume controlled ventilation (SIMV), optional with PS, Synchronized pressure controlled ventilation, optional with PS
Pressure limitation PMAx(in Volume Mode) (PEEP 10) up to 70 hPa
Pressure limitation P”SP (in Pressure Mode) (PEEP 5) up to 70 hPa
Trigger 0.3-15 l/min
Tidal volume (in Volume Mode) 20-1400 ml
5-1400 ml (option)
Tidal volume (in Pressure Mode) 10-1400 ml
Breathing frequency (freq.) 3-80 1/min
Inspiration time [T(INSP)] 0.2-6.7 s
Inspiration/Expiration time ratio (l:E) max. 5:1 to 1:99
Plateau time [T(IP):T(INSP)] 0-60 %
PEEP in Volume Mode 0-20 hPa (max. PMAx -10 hPa)
PEEP in Pressure Mode 0-20 hPa (max. P,NSP -5 hPa)
Fresh-gas flow 0 and 0.2-18 Umin
T (SLOPE) (in Pressure Mode and Pressure Support) 0-2 s
Total system leakage < 150 ml at 30 hPa (automatic leak test)
O2 flow control Sensitive ORC function: at least 25 Vol.% or 200 ml/min for nitrous oxide (N20) as carrier gas; 02 concentration: 21-100 Vol.%
O2 flush > 35 Umin
02 safety flow 0-12 l/min
External fresh gas outlet optional
Monitoring lnspiratory and expiratory concentration of 02, N20, CO2 as well as anaesthetic agents (Halothane, lsoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane); Minute volume (MV) and Tidal volume (VT); Breathing frequency; Peak pressure, plateau pressure, mean pressure, PEEP; Patient compliance CPAT; Option: Functional oxygen saturation (SpO2)

The following parameters maybe displayed as waveforms: Concentration of CO2, O2, as well as anaesthetic agents, airway pressure, inspiratory and expiratory flow; Option: Plethysmogram; Bar graph display of volumeter and tidal volume; Virtual flow tubes or O2, AIR, N2O; Display of graphical trends and numerical lists of measured values; AutoSet for alarm limits

Serial interface 3 x RS 232
Protocol Medibus
Absorber volume 1.5 L



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