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Blood flow control
Flow rate, double needle:
0 and 20 to 500 ml/min
Flow rate, single needle, single pump: 0 and 20 to 500 ml/min, time or pressure-controlled
Mean flow, single-needle, double pump: 0 and 10 to 400 ml/min, stroke volume controlled

Blood pressure supervision
Arterial pressure: -700 to 750 mmHg
System pressure: -700 to 750 mmHg
Venous pressure: -700 to 750 mmHg

Air detection ( Level detector)
Method: Ultrasonic detector
Drip chamber size: 22 mm diameter

Heparin administration
Flow rate: 0 to 10 ml/h, programmable stop time, accumulated volume read-out

Water supply
Inlet pressure: 100 to 800 kPa (1 to 8 bar)
Inlet temperature: 5 to 30 °C Quality: Fluid should comply with national & international standards,

Optional modes
Profiling: Sodium, bicarbonate and UF Hemodiafiltration: Single or double-needle
Dialysis fluid preparation and monitoring Temperature:
Adjustable between 30 to 39 °C
Flow rate: 300 to 700 ml/min Acetate mode:
Na range 130 to 150 mmol/l
Bicarbonate mode:
Na range 115 to 160 mmol/l
HCO3- range 20 to 40 mmol/l
pH meter: Range 1.0 to 9.9

Substitution fluid
Substitution flow rate: 0.3 to 2.0 litres/h

Ultrafiltration control
UF volume: Adjustable, 0 to 30 l Accuracy: ± 50 ml/h or ± 2.5% UF rate: 0 to 4 l/h

Blood leakage detection
Infrared light

Disinfection and cleaning
Chemical: Peracetic acid, hypochlorite or formaldehyde
Heat: Heat, liquid citric acid or CleanCart Rinse/drain/decalcification:
Rinse, citric acid or CleanCart C

Power supply
Mains voltage: 115/230V AC (± 10%) Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz (± 5Hz)
Power consumption:
Max 2250 W at 230V or 1650 W at 115V
Fully prepared for battery backup

Connection of external equipment
Connectors: RS 232C or RS 422

Dimensions and weight
Weight: 81 to 88 kg
Width: Machine 570 mm, stand 573 mm Depth: Machine 610 mm, stand 753 mm
Height: 1152 to 1382 mm in 5 fixed positions or 1175 to 1340 mm adjustable

Operating environment
Ambient temperature: 18 to 35 °C
Relative humidity: 15 to 85% Approx. 1000 meters above sea level

The AK 200 S complies with the following standards:
IEC 60601-1 General requirements for safety, Class 1, type B
IEC 60601-2-16 Particular requirements for safety of haemodialysis, haemodia- filtration and haemofiltration equipment
IEC 60601-2-30 Particular requirements for the safety of automatic cycling indirect blood pressure monitoring equipment
IEC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility

CE 0086 This product is CE-marked in accordance with the requirements in EC
3 /42/EEC of 14 June,
93, concerning medical devices




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