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GE LOGIQ XP Ultrasound (Portable)

The GE Logiq Book XP is a laptop-style portable ultrasound system. The GE Logiq Book XP can be used for a variety of applications including; Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology, OB-GYN, Otorhinolaryngology, Podiatry, Urology, and Vascular. The GE Ultrasound offers color doppler, spectral doppler, b-mode, m-mode, triplex, 3-D, and 150 frames per second TrueDigital Imaging. The Logiq Book XP comes with a 10-inch color display that offers automatic image optimization for clear ad reliable images. The ultrasound system produces DICOM, JPEG, and AVI image files, that can be stored on an external drive.

  • Exclusive Raw Data Digital acquisition and storage.
  • Weighs 10-pounds, including 4-hour battery.
  • Color Doppler, Spectral Doppler, B, M, Triplex, 3- D.
  • 150 Frames per Second TrueDigital imaging
  • All digital video clip and still image capture. (4,000)
  • On-board patient, image and reporting archive.
  • CD-ROM disk burner included, plus PCMCIA and USB.
  • Raw Data manipulation on image recall for
  • Post Exam:
    • Anatomic M-mode creation and adjustment.
    • Gain, magnification, and colorization control.
    • Playback speed, sweep speed, angle, baseline, and more…
    • 3-D Digital processing and manipulation.
    • Clip and still measure-annotate-enhance-store new.
    • DICOM 3.0 capable, plus VetPACS all Digital interfacing.
    • and much, much, much more…

GE Logiq Book XP Specifications:


  • Height: 78 mm (3.07 in) console only 99.5 mm (3.92 in) with handle.
  • Width: 350 mm (13.73 in).
  • Depth: 280 mm (11 in) console only 320 mm (12.6 in) with handle.
  • Weight: 4.2 kg (9.2 lb) (without battery).


  • Width: Minimum 305 mm and Maximum 336 mm.
  • Height: Minimum 245 mm and Maximum 271 mm.
  • Ergonomic, intuitive key layout. ‘Soft click’ hard keys with mechanical and acoustic feedback.
  • Special function keys with additional perceptible marks. Two programmable ‘User Define’ keys.
  • Back-Lit keys. (Freeze only.)

Electrical Power:

  • AC Adapter (LBAC-66): Voltage:100-240 Vac. Frequency: 50/60 Hz. Power Consumption: 120W max. Current: 1.2 Ampere (max.)
  • AC Adapter (GE-90W): Voltage:100-240 Vac. Frequency: 50/60 Hz. Power Consumption: 108W max. Current: 1.08 Ampere (max.)

Console Design:

  • 1 Active Probe Port.
  • Probe cable management.


  • High-performance TFT LCD. 10.4″ display.
  • Opening angle adjustment: 160°. (maximum)
  • Standby function with a pre-selectable timer for protection.


  • Abdominal.
  • Obstetrical.
  • Gynecological.
  • Cardiac.
  • Urological.
  • Small parts. (thyroid and prostate.)
  • Pediatric.
  • Vascular.

Standard Features:

  • Standard CINE Memory.
  • Opening angle adjustment: 160°. (maximum)
  • Automatic Optimization (Auto Tissue Optimization, Auto Spectrum Optimization and Auto Color Optimization).
  • ACE.
  • Built-in patient archive with images, patient information.
  • Auto Doppler Calculation.
  • Cardiac Calculations.
  • OB Calculations.
  • Fetal Trending.
  • Multi gestational Calculations.
  • Gynecological Calculations.
  • Urological Calculations.
  • Renal Calculations.

Transducer Types:

  • Electronic Convex Array.
  • Electronic Micro-convex Array.
  • Electronic Linear Array.
  • Endocavitary Electronic Micro-convex.

Operating Modes:

  • B-Mode.
  • M-Mode.
  • PW Doppler.
  • Color Flow Doppler (CFM).
  • B/M-Mode.
  • B/PWD-Mode.
  • B/CFM.


  • ATO (Automatic Tissue Optimization).
  • ADO (Automatic Doppler Optimization).
  • 14 B-Mode Grey Maps.
  • 14 M-Mode Grey Maps.
  • B/M-Mode.
  • Rejection function, adjustable from 2 to 20 in 6-digit steps.


  • B/M-Mode. (Gain; TGC; Dynamic Range; Transmission Focus Position; Transmission Focus Number; Transmission Frequency; Edge Enhancement; Image Softener Level; Sweep Speed for M-Mode.)
  • D-Mode. (Gain; Dynamic Range; Transmission Frequency; Velocity Scale/PRF; Wall Filter.
  • Baseline Shift (Sweep Speed).
  • Color Flow (CFM Gain; CFM Velocity Range; MTI Filter; Pulse Packet Size; CFM Spatial Filter; CFM.)
  • B/M-Mode.
  • Frame Averaging (Diagnostic Color Display Mode; Baseline Shift; CFM ACE-Filter.)

Image Processing and Presentation:

  • Image Reverse: Right/ Left.
  • Image Rotation: 4 steps, Rotation: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°.
  • Imaging Depth: 4-30cm [Minimum: 4 cm (Zoom); Maximum: 30 cm]
  • Transmission Focus: (1-8 Focus Points selectable; Focus Position: 8 steps.)
  • B/M-Mode.
  • Receiving Focus: (CDA/CDF (Continuous Dynamic Focus/Continuous Dynamic Aperture.)
  • 256 Shades of Grey Zoom.
  • Smart Zoom: (2-times write zoom with increased resolution.)

Image Archive:

  • Archiving Format: DICOM.
  • It’s possible to export to other formats into CINE Memory/Image Memory.
  • CINE Gauge and CINE Image number display.
  • CINE Review Loop.
  • Measurements/Calculations & Annotations on CINE Playback Images.
  • Selectable CINE Sequence for CINE Review. (By Start Frame and End Frame.)
  • Memory Stick.


  • Distance.
  • Circumference/ Area.
  • Echo Level.
  • CINE Review Loop.
  • Angle.
  • Ratios.
  • Depth from Probe Surface.


  • Distance.
  • Time.
  • Slope.
  • Heart Rate.

Doppler Measurements/Calculations:

  • Velocity.
  • Frequency.
  • Time.
  • Acceleration.
  • Heart Rate.
  • Auto Doppler Trace function with automatic calculations.
  • Time-Averaged Max. / Mean Velocity.
  • Ratios.
  • PI (Pulsatility Index.)
  • RI (Resistivity Index.)

Vascular Measurements/Calculations:

  • Summary Worksheet.
  • Summary Report.

Obstetrics Measurements/Calculations:

  • Gestational Age Calculation.
  • Multi-Gestational Calculation.
  • EFW Calculation.
  • Summary Worksheet.
  • Summary Report.
  • Fetal Trend Graph.

Gynecology Measurements/Calculations:

  • Summary Worksheet.
  • Summary Report.

Urology Measurements/Calculation:

  • Summary Worksheet.
  • Summary Report.

Cardiac Measurements/Calculations:

  • Summary Worksheet.
  • Summary Report.

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