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ARJO HUNTLEIGH Enterprise 8000 Electric Bed

Electrically operated backrest, knee-break and height adjustment
Electrically operated Trendelenberg / Reverse Trendelenberg tilt ±12°
Split side rails with intergrated controls
Auto-CPR and Auto-contour button
Battery back-up
Bio-Contour profiling system
One button chair position
Dual sided CPR levers
Under-bed light
30° backrest angle pause
Angle indicators for backrest
Built-in bed extension with mattress platform extension
Removable head and foot panels with choice of colour infills
Drainage bag rails
Removable plastic deck sheets
Linked braking / steering system with four braking castors
125mm single wheel castors (•)
150mm single wheel castors (•)
150mm twin wheel castors (•)
Additional brake pedals at head end (•)
Full width brake bar (foot end only) (•)
DIN rails (•)
Pull-out linen shelf (•)
• Standard  (•) Optional
Overall standard length 2350mm
Overall width 1030mm
Mattress length standard 2020mm
Mattress width 880mm
Overall extended length 2470mm
Mattress extended length 2140mm
Overall length short 2240mm
Mattress length short 1910mm
Top height (with 125mm castors) 760mm
Low height (with 125mm castors) 320mm
Backrest length 850mm
Seat length 215mm
Calf length 560mm
Thigh length 365mm
Safe working load/Maximum patient weight 250kg/185kg
Head end panel of base configuration
Head down tilt 12°
Foot down tilt 12°
Backrest angle 62°
Backrest pause 30°
Thigh angle 20°
Calf angle 16°
Ingress protection IPX4
Shock protection Class 1, Type B
Power in 1.25A at 230V
AC 50 / 60Hz
Power in 2A at 120V AC
50 / 60Hz
Safety standard IEC60601-2-52



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