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GE MARQUETTE CASE 2000 (Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing)

Series 2000 Treadmill “Unmatched Performance, Safety and Value”

Versatile performance allows use on a wider range of patients, up to 450 lbs. and speeds from 0 to 13.5 mph. Unmatched safety 60 inch walking surface, standard emergency stop switch, 0 mph start speed, full handrail configuration complies with AHA Guidelines. Unmatched reliability with less moving parts and simpler design. Less maintenance required with a digital controller that negates the need for frequent speed and grade calibrations.


Maximum Rated Load: 182 kg (450 lbs.)

Drive Motor: 3.0 HP, brushless,

DC motor Elevation Motor: 0.13 HP

Belt Speed Range: 0.0 to 22.5 km/hr (0 to 13.5 mph) at 60 Hz, continuously variable, zero mph start-up

Belt Speed Acceleration/Deceleration: Approximately 0.8 km/sec (0.5 mph/sec)

Elevation Range: 0.0 to 25.0% grade, continuously variable

Elevation Range Increase/Decrease: 1.14%/sec

Manual Treadmill Controller (Optional):

Functions: On, Off, Up, Down, Fast, Slow, Automatic Protocol Selection, Elapsed Time, Distance Traveled

Automatic Protocols: 15 exercise and 15 rehabilitation (includes Bruce, Naughton, Balke II, Ellestad, Low Performance)

Maximum Leakage Current: 100 A, chassis to ground Interface: RS-232 service port, 9600 baud (VT 100 or equivalent) RS-422 serial port, 9600 baud (CASE 12/15, MAX-1, MAC VU, and CENTRA Stress Systems)


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